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In such a delicate moment of our life, when most of the elements of our personal balance we are used to have started to waver, we must start to look for a way to move away from old information systems and old schemes. Among the first goals we have “the safeguard of the apiarian world” and “a new way of producing zero impact agriculture”. A new way of agriculture can be realized on the balcony or on the terrace, or even in a garage or in an old disused tool shed. This is a kind of agriculture that can provide us with sustenance for 365 days a year without interruption. Considering the amount generated, it also allows us to sell what we produce and to have an extra income. The TERRA-GREEN® hydroponic project is extremely easy, since we supply the greenhouses complete with all necessary materials to begin to cultivate in a “clean” and healthy way without using the common chemical fertilizers and the various pesticides traditionally used in agriculture. Our greenhouses are manufactured in Italy since our project is also strictly connected with the “protection of the territory” and with its valorization. Doing hydroponics teaches us to keep the earth clean and to safeguard the soil, the air and last but not least, the groundwater. Clean agriculture to obtain a clean product characterized by excellent organoleptic qualities from all points of view. Just imagine what it would be to have your own TERRA-GREEN® Energy Free vegetable garden on your balcony or your terrace, where you can grow fruit and vegetable all year round in a protected and natural regime.  For a long time, we have been hearing about urban vegetable gardens, but these gardens have always been conceived as in-ground gardens with all the difficulties that this implies! Our project gives you the possibility of having a small vegetable garden where seasonality doesn´t exist and where the production constantly recurs all year round without causing any stress to the plants. The plants grow in an environment protected from parasites and from various bad weather conditions and changes in temperature. As previously said, we want to give everybody the opportunity of autonomously producing food. Our greenhouses, from the smallest to the biggest, are equipped with everything is needed to start with a 100% green agriculture. The supply of the TERRA-GREEN® natural mix of spraying components is also included. The TERRA-GREEN® Energy Free hydroponic project includes a type of greenhouses equipped with a 2,5kw portable photovoltaic kit, whose range goes far beyond the basic needs required by the greenhouse tools for its proper operational function.  We have decided to supply certain greenhouses with this photovoltaic kit to avoid the connection to the electricity network and to be completely GREEN ENERGY FREE TERRA-GREEN®.

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