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The project Terra-Green® promotes the protection of bees, the adoption of circular agriculture in hydroponic and aeroponic systems and the valorization of the territory thanks to a new type of ZERO WASTE Agriculture. The project has been conceived to revalue disadvantaged areas and to protect the APIARIAN patrimony.

The project highlights the importance of investing in new methods of agriculture in order to save bees and hence the earth.

One of the best ways to obtain this is by promoting the TERRA-GREEN® s.r.l.  natural and circular agriculture, which adopts aeroponics and hydroponics.

In this context particular greenhouses incorporate within them some bee “nurseries”, which are already mounted and conditioned with our natural products, so that bees and plants can find their right balance.

This union between “healthy” plants, which are free of chemical fertilizers and of plant protection products of the most varied of types, creates thanks to the use of TERRA-GREEN® natural products the “healthy” environment needed for the safeguard and the “cure” of bees and crops. It also contributes to the salvation of bees, of agriculture and of the planet itself.

The TERRA-GREEN® projectis undoubtedlyone of the few answers to start “effectively” to take care of the lives of bees and to “depollute” by means of sustainable agricultural methods, without creating any kind of waste and without using chemicals or synthetics.

Furthermore, aeroponics and hydroponics offer very important advantages to a farmer, which traditional agriculture is not able to.

Here are some examples: reduction of 98% in water consumption, reduction of 100% in the dependence on chemical and synthetic fertilizers, reduction of 98% in costs for combustible materials and various machineries, reduction of 58% in energy, reduction of 50% in man-hours!! 

Besides advantages for the farmer, there are also big advantages to start with the safeguard of bees.

Once the bees are incorporated in our greenhouses, which are already “conditioned” with our natural products and are set up for clusters of pollinators, the bees start with a completely healthy and dynamic life cycle and are able to produce good quantities of honey, without any kind of stress and without facing problems like parasites, fungi or various diseases.

Besides protecting bees, inside of these greenhouses we can grow any kind of product variety without generating waste and producing garbage.

The product categories which can be cultivated in the Zero Waste greenhouses range from vegetables to tomatoes, zucchinis, potatoes, aubergines, any variety of beans and cereals, hops, fruit plants, table or wine grapes, olive trees, etc… To make it easier to understand, inside our greenhouses it is possible to grow whatever is produced in open-field cultivation. The only difference is that the plant continuously produces for 11 months / a year without any kind of stress.

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